Argan Oil and the "Liquid Gold Rush"

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Moroccan argan oil has been used for thousands of years by the native men and women in Morocco to combat the drying environment of the desert. It is also a staple food in Morocco, incorporated in traditional dishes like Couscous and Tagine and even eaten with plain bread. Wild mountain goats even climb trees to eat the nutritious argan seed! However, its skincare and health benefits have only recently been proven by scientists. 
Packed with antioxidants, omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid, argan oil is extremely high in vitamin E. This makes it an essential product for skincare-enthusiasts who understand the importance of natural skincare in a chemical-polluted world. Today's moisturizers contain toxins, preservatives, synthetics, and other ingredients you don't want anywhere near your skin. Our argan oil is and always has been pure, organic, and natural from local farms in Morocco.
A Few of the Many Benefits of Argan Oil:

-Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines


-Prevents the formation of coarse lines and wrinkles


-Fades sunspots and discoloration


-Protects sun-exposed skin from free radicals


-Gives the skin a youthful glow


-Prevents and fades acne and acne scars


-Minimizes the appearance of pores


-Evens skin tone


-Moisturizes dull, dry skin


-Softens skin and hair


-Gives hair a natural, healthy glow


-Can help reduce inflammation and skin irritation


-Can help moisturize dry scalp and dandruff


-Reduces and regulates oil production in oily skin


-Can encourage faster and healthier hair growth


-Fights acne! Though it may seem strange to apply oil to oily skin, argan oil actually regulates oil production and restores normal sebum (oil secreted by the skin) production. For people who are prone to acne breakouts, argan oil cannot break you out (like coconut oil, for example) because the structure of argan oil closely resembles that of the sebum produced naturally by the skin. In fact, argan oil can naturally prevent and treat acne on the skin.
How to Use Argan Oil:
Here are just a few of the many uses of argan oil:
-Night time moisturizer
-Make-up primer
-Soothing sore or irritated skin (such as bug bites or rashes)
-Easing razor burn and ingrown hairs
-Hair serum for dry, brittle hair
-Mixing with sugar or salt as an exfoliant
-Conditioning dry, brittle nails and cuticles
Our Pledge:
At Skalli Essentials, we pledge to sell only the purest argan oil straight from local farmers in Morocco who use no pesticides or GMOs.

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