Our Moroccan Roots

Skalli Essentials is a family-owned business with roots in Morocco. We celebrate our heritage and culture by sharing the finest products from our home. These natural products have been used by our family for many generations and we hope you enjoy them too!
Our collection of beauty essentials are pure and organic with no synthetic, artificial ingredients and additives. At Skalli Essentials, we promise to bring you only the best and most natural cosmetics from local farms in Morocco to your bedroom vanity. 
Our Founder, Mariam Skalli, shares her story behind Skalli Essentials natural Moroccan beauty products:
"Every culture has their own age-old beauty traditions that have been passed on for generations. In Morocco, where I am from, that would be Moroccan argan oil. This cult-favorite beauty oil is so valuable because pure argan oil can only be found and produced in Morocco. I grew up using argan oil in both my food and my skincare. I decided to purchase argan oil from a brand that claimed it was 100% pure argan oil from Morocco. This brand is very well-known, so I did not hesitate to try incorporating it into my skincare routine. But when I used it, I realized it was not the argan oil I grew up using. It was impure, deodorized, and so heavily processed. Then I did some research and found that the top argan oil brands do not even purchase their argan oil from Morocco! It comes from a factory where they dilute the oil with other oils, and process the oil to remove the natural scent of pure argan oil. 
As you can imagine, I was so disappointed. These companies are not selling the real argan oil that I know and love. I decided to start a truly Moroccan skincare brand where all of our products come straight from Morocco. No nonsense ingredients. That's how we started sourcing REAL argan oil from my country through Skalli Essentials."