Moroccan Kohl Set

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Introducing our Moroccan Ithmid Kohl, a timeless beauty staple used for centuries to get naturally sultry eyes. With only two natural ingredients, Moroccan Kohl is renowned worldwide for not only its cosmetic allure but also its therapeutic benefits for the eyes! This product includes:

1x Moroccan Kohl in glass bottle

1x Sheep horn applicator*

1x Card with instructions

1x Burlap pouch to store Kohl

*Our applicators are ethically sourced from sheep bred for food and not solely for their horns

Long-Lasting: Ithmid kohl adheres well to the eyes, providing long-lasting wear. And yes, it's even water-resistant! It is best to apply it before bedtime and wake up to beautifully defined eyes.

Natural Ingredients: Traditionally made from natural ingredients, Ithmid kohl is often prized for its purity. It's gentle on the eyes, making it suitable for sensitive skin types.

Eye Care: Ithmid Kohl is revered for its therapeutic benefits for the eyes, such as reducing redness, soothing irritation, and promoting overall eye health.

For first use: clean the applicator tip with alcohol wipe (included) and allow to fully dry. Gently dip the applicator into the kohl and shake off excess. Apply to the waterline of your eyes, moving from the inner corner to the outer corner. Blink to remove Kohl from your eyes. Alternatively, you can apply it like an eye pencil. Clean any excess kohl from around the eyes with a wet cotton swab or tissue. Store applicator in a plastic bag. Keep Kohl dry!

In the event of an allergic reaction, rinse eyes with cold water. Kohl is best removed with rose water or micellar water.

Pure Moroccan Ithmid Kohl Powder, Date Seed Powder

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