Jadis Moroccan Dried Eucalyptus Leaves

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Jadis Moroccan dried eucalyptus leaves are the perfect addition to your tea blends, bath routine, potpourris, garland, and hydrosols. Organically grown in Morocco, Eucalyptus Globulus is an herb used for both medicinal and therapeutic benefits:

Respiratory Support: Eucalyptus tea, when consumed, may provide respiratory support similar to inhaling eucalyptus vapor. It may help ease symptoms of congestion, coughs, and respiratory infections.

Sinus Relief: The steam from eucalyptus tea can be inhaled, offering relief for sinus congestion and promoting clearer breathing.

Soothing Throat: Eucalyptus tea's natural properties may soothe a sore throat and alleviate discomfort.

Antimicrobial Effects: Eucalyptus has inherent antimicrobial properties, which may contribute to fighting bacteria and viruses.

Invigoration and Mental Clarity: The aromatic fragrance of eucalyptus can be invigorating, providing a refreshing and stimulating experience when used in a bath or potpourri.

Digestive Aid: In traditional medicine, eucalyptus has been used as a digestive aid. Drinking eucalyptus tea in moderation might help with mild digestive discomfort.

This bag comes in a resealable pouch for your convenience. 

Ingredients: 100% pure Eucalyptus Globulus leaves from Morocco

Size: 30 g/ 1.05 oz

Did you know?

Argan Trees Are Exclusive to Morocco.

The tree that produces this valuable liquid gold can only be grown in Southwestern Morocco.

Did you know?

It Takes 24 Hours to Make 1 Liter of Pure Argan Oil.

Even with modern industrial methods, argan oil production is a delicate process that requires hands-on labor and harvesting. For this reason, a lot of companies cut corners and sell impure argan oil mixed with other oils. We use 100% Pure and USDA organic Argan oil in all of our products.